Greystone Preservation LLC
Greystone Preservation LLC was founded by Val Cavin, an experienced Chicago rehabber. Its mission is to stimulate community development and increase homeownership by reclaiming historic residential buildings in North Lawndale, a low-income neighborhood on Chicago’s West Side.

The goals of Greystone Preservation LLC are to:

  • Purchase vacant greystone two-unit buildings and rehab them moderately with particular attention to exterior appearance and mechanical systems
  • Sell the greystones to owner occupants of low to moderate income, with a particular emphasis on "family houses" for current neighborhood residents
  • Create construction jobs
  • Provide supporters of the program with opportunities to invest in its mission

Although their goals overlap, please note that Greystone Preservation LLC is not connected to Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago (NHS), a 35-year-old non-profit housing agency. The North Lawndale office of NHS inaugurated an important program for greystones in 2006, the Historic Chicago Greystone Initiative. It provides loans, incentives and technical assistance to greystone homeowners within the larger mission of NHS, which is to promote homeownership.
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