Greystone Preservation LLC
Historic Preservation and Community Development
Historic houses tell a story.  People who buy historic houses frequently take an interest in their home’s history and that of their neighborhood.  As they become more invested they develop what is called “pride of place” and look for ways to improve their community.  

While historic preservation is often viewed as the hobby of the rich, many historic homes are owned by long-term homeowners. These homeowners are likely to be older and of more modest means than newcomers, enabling neighborhoods that have embraced historic preservation to retain a mix of economic classes. 

Historic preservation has its own audience, an audience that is interested in a community’s efforts to save its historic buildings. Publicity about a community’s commitment to preservation creates interest in the neighborhood. More people move to the area, supporting the creation of businesses to sustain them.

North Lawndale has all the elements of a future thriving city neighborhood. It is a 10-minute, five mile drive from Chicago’s downtown. Multiple rapid transit and bus lines make
transportation convenient. Its buildings are stone and brick and mostly two stories high, creating a low-density environment. Douglas Park offers a beautiful oasis for family recreation.  A number of civic, neighborhood and economic development organizations have been established over the years.  There are educational choices at the elementary and secondary level such as charter schools, public schools and private schools.

Through Greystone Preservation's Family House Project, families currently living in the neighborhood as well as those outside it have an opportunity to purchase and care for its historic greystones.  Their involvement will strengthen the Lawndale community and its institutions. 

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